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Washington's Premier
Custom Fashion Designers

COVID-19: We're Still Being Cautious - Always By Appointment Only

We are a custom fashion design house and not a retail store. As a result, we are able to easily take safeguards against COVID-19. There are no "walk-ins" like you would find in a retail store.  All contact with us is by appointment only, and is limited to one client at a time. 


Unfortunately, COVID-19 is on the rise again, so we continue to wear our masks appropriately, and we ask that you do the same. If you arrive without a mask, one will be provided. We also have a large supply of hand sanitizer that we encourage you to use.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at  (202) 237-1126.


Fortunately, inflation has come down a lot, but it's still more than 3% on an annual basis, with some things being priced even higher. However, we are not increasing our prices at this time. If we have to at some point in the future, we will let you know.

Why wear someone else's brand when you can wear your own?™

Most designers create collections that are their own brand — the clothes they design represent their vision, not yours. At New Couture, we don't do that. We help you realize your vision; we help you create your own brand.


All of our designs are 100% custom – nothing is ever "off-the-rack". That's why you won't see hundreds of dresses or suits on our website. And since all our fashion is custom designed just for you, we don't sell it on our website so there's no e-commerce. 


Clothing should be fashionable, but it should also be something you can actually wear. We are fully aware that what you could wear in your twenties will not necessarily look good in your fifties.


While we can design for any age, our decades of experience allows us to create fashion that enhances mature people and not make them look foolish.


Give us a call  at (202) 237-1126, and we will work together to create fashion you will love and fashion that is "your own brand."

Our Designer
Alvin Thompson


Alvin's interest in fashion began when he was a teenager. Even though Washington, DC was, still to a large extent, a segregated city, his interest in fashion was furthered when Mr. & Mrs. Salvi, took him under their wings when Alvin was only 14. 

Alvin worked with the Salvis when he could during high school. After graduation, Alvin went to New York City to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). FIT is one of the foremost fashion educational institutions in the world.


Once he returned to Washington he went back to work with the Salvi's in their shop, "Salvi of Florence"  located on 18th Street NW. Mr. Salvi, was a well-known designer originally from Italy. Having worked for notable clients such as Evita Peron, Mr. Salvi continued to share his knowledge with Alvin until his untimely passing.  


Mrs. Salvi, also a fashion designer, and Alvin worked together until she retired. He then moved his fashion practice to its current location on Massachusetts Ave NW.


Besides being a designer whose creations you can actually wear, Alvin's years of experience allow him to be able to diagnose clothing mistakes, and recommend how they can be fixed.  

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