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Privacy Policy – We Take Privacy Seriously

Our privacy policy is simple.


Credit Cards:

We use Square to process credit acrd charges.

Our network is behind a firewall and Square ensures that the transaction is protected.

We do not keep your credit numbers on file, including within Square; the iPad we use for Square is protected by a 6-digit lock number that only our designer and our CEO know.  


Garment Fabrication:

We do store your contact information (address, phone number, email address) and your measurements, if applicable, on paper in a file folder. No one has access to this information other than ourselves.


We may also put your name on orders we place with our suppliers and those entities that do sewing for us. We do this in order to distinguish your garments from others that are being worked on at the same time, and to provide the sewers with the information they need to sew your garment(s).

Other than the above, we do not share your information with any other 3rd party for any reason, and we certainly do not sell it to anyone.

Please contact us if you have any concerns, comments or questions.

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